Cedric KOUKJIAN – Born 1985 – Is a experimental industrial designer concentrating on sculptural works across multiple mediums and materials. From miniature carvings and metalwork to large objects. He now consolidates his creative work on the concept of the “Link”. A research on the idea of the bond expressed in multiple ways. He believes it is a constant exercise in exploration to materialise this ambiguous notion into a creation that can simplify its interpretation.

Conducting his ideological research by exploring and living across multiple continents from Europe to the plains of the Himalaya and being exposed to cross cultural experiences he would have never thought possible. Ethnically, he is also an oddity. A blend from multiple culture. From the father side, Armenian and Phoenician. From the mother side, Roman, Assyrian and Greek. The five major pillars of antiquity.

Cedric and Pierre KOUKJIAN, Father and son, founded and joined forces at SINCE studio, for their contemporary works, in the heart of the old town of Geneva, Switzerland.


The link is a sculptural study on the concept of the bond.

It is an exploration in how unity is primordial to the advancement of humanity. When the bond between a group whether it is a family, an association or humankind as a whole is intact we are then only able to advance and evolve. Once this cohesion is broken the  entire strength is destroyed and there are only scattered pieces that cannot constitute an entity that is whole, strong and resistant. It is a continuation of the studies initiated by the ancient Greek philosopher Aesop who famously described the concept by stating “Unity makes strength, strife wastes”

This is represented by the piece being an intertwined composition of 3 links, a chain that can pull heavy weights and resist strong pressure that another structure although in the same material could not. The flexibility of the chain allows it to adapt to many  paces and situations without giving up it’s strength, on the contrary it can be twisted, disconcerted recoiled and deployed at one’s request without compromising its force. It is an object that is pure fortitude as long as every link remains intact.

It is this strength in  the cohesion from the physical object that the experimental designer Cedric KOUKJIAN tries to associate with the concept that unity is strength. If the chain is unbroken it can endure great stress as a whole. However as soon as one link fails, the whole chain  fails. With human beings the same ideology applies. Destruction is always started from a weak link that emerges from within and has destroyed from simple acquaintances to entire empires.

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